What Sets Us Apart?


Buying and selling a home isn’t something most of us do very often. The process can be convoluted, intimidating and overwhelming at best. It’s hard to know who to trust and who to turn to when it feels like there are professionals on every corner looking to profit off of your uncertainty or inexperience. At The Ted Crawford Group  we think differently.  We view ourselves as educators and advisors, here to guide and direct you through the sale or purchase of your home. We’re here to inform and empower you on your journey through the market maze. We build relationships with our clients that feel like family, because to us you are the most important part of the process. The fact that we genuinely care about each of our clients, and each outcome, is a distinct advantage for everyone involved.


We recognize that for the majority of people, your home is your greatest investment. We take pride in knowing that with our combination of real estate and investment banking experience we can confidently navigate our clients past stumbling blocks and pitfalls they may not foresee on their own. We have refined our skills to intelligently rise above the pressure and unpredictability of the current market.  Questions are welcomed, encouraged and answered with warmth and professionalism. With great confidence, consideration, and respect, we would like you to receive this open invitation to make us a part of your team.

The Ted Crawford Group specializes in home sales and purchases in Calgary, Okotoks, High River and surrounding areas.